Which oak dining table shape is right your home?

Choosing furniture for your home is usually an enjoyable and exciting experience – but it is not always as straightforward as it may seem. When choosing your dining room furniture an oak dining table is a very popular choice – the warmth and the enduring quality appearance make it a favourite option for many.

Having decided on the beautiful oak, you then have to choose which shaped table you want for your room – whilst it is tempting to choose a table simply because you like the look and shape of it, there are other things you should consider:

Defining factors when deciding on shape

There are some prime considerations when deciding on the shape of your oak dining table. Firstly, the shape of the actual room in which it will sit – certain tables will lend themselves better to particular-shaped spaces. The second thing to consider in conjunction with room shape is, of course, room size – if your dining room is small, then purchasing a big round table is not going to be practical!

Consider also, the regular use of your oak dining table – how many people are going to be seated at it on a daily basis – if it is usually two or three people, choosing a large table that accommodates six to eight is not a practical option.

Oak dining table shape options


This shape is perhaps the most common dining table found in homes – mainly because most houses are built with rectangular shaped rooms! The rectangular table lends itself to seating four or more people especially if, as is quite common, it comes with extra leaves for extending the table.

This shape suits narrow rooms but, when buying, consider the space that would be left either side when everyone would be seated.


If your dining room or area is square then a square dining table is the best option aesthetically. A square dining table is practical if your normal dining group is small – and they can provide a level of intimacy for those romantic evenings! A larger, rectangular table can be somewhat disconcerting and impersonal if only two or three are dining. Consider the possibility of purchasing a square dining table that can be expanded with leaves to cater for the occasional larger dining event.


Another good option for a square room – a round dining table suits a smaller room and fewer diners. Round tables offer a cosy and personal dining experience – it promotes conversation as it presents no ‘barriers’ and everybody can directly see everyone else. A round table does not really lend itself to larger gatherings – you can, of course, buy a larger round table but that somewhat loses some of the intimacy – although you can see everyone else, they can seem a little far away and that promotes a ‘colder’ atmosphere.


An oval dining table offers quite similar attributes or benefits to a rectangular table and so is suitable for narrower or smaller dining spaces and capable of hosting a larger number of diners if the occasion requires. The rounded corners can make it appear to occupy less space visually than a rectangular table, but the downside of that is the lesser actual surface area of your table.

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