Please try to check your furniture at point of delivery, it will be much quicker dealing with any problems if the furniture is refused at point of delivery and sent back with the delivery drivers.

If you decide at a later date (within 14 days) that you do not like or require the furniture then we will be happy to collect it from you however there will be a £40 charge for this service. The collection service works in exactly the same way as the delivery service so again to avoid a prolonged collection and refund please try to check at point of delivery.

A full refund will then be arranged via PayPal (minus any relevant collection charge) at the point that we get the furniture back to our warehouse. We cannot make any refund until we have collected the furniture.

Please note we do not offer partial refunds, discounts etc. If you are not happy with your furniture we will offer to exchange it or collect, cancel and refund.