How to match colours with oak furniture

Oak furniture with its totally natural, “living” look, has a timeless quality and will blend with just about any shade or colour. The natural attributes and different varieties of oak shades, from dark to light through to golden and two-tone, allow you to mix and match with any other colour of your choice, creating a plethora of different looks and atmospheres around your home.

Marrying your oak furniture with your preferred colour or shades is not just about direct colour comparisons – it’s more about matching the right shades and tones to achieve the best look. Whether your desired style is contemporary and modern, or more traditional and classic, you can find a colour and shade that will blend naturally and beautifully with your oak furniture.

Here are some colour tips and recommendations for you to consider when deciding on the look you want to achieve for your home:

Warm undertones

One of the great beauties of oak furniture is that it is a natural material – this natural look usually presents warm undertones with a range of colours from deep, rich yellows through to more subtle reddish hues. Applying stains to natural oak furniture can bring out and accentuate those rich undertones – a darker stain will highlight the reddish quality of oak whilst a paler stain will bring out the lighter yellows and oranges.

Whichever you choose you’ll be presented with a warmer undertone. This warm quality and appearance is to be considered when choosing other colours – pairing it with similar undertones emboldens the warmth – matching it against a cooler undertone will create an interesting and appealing contrast.       


If you are seeking to create a subtle look for your rooms then consider matching your oak furniture with similar, earthy undertones – warm taupe shades and beiges will create a natural looking blend with your furniture which will give your room a larger and more open appearance.

Complete this look with appropriate accessories from other natural materials – knitted fabrics and woven rugs and baskets will add to the softer, subtle look.


If you want your oak furniture to be the ‘attention pieces’ of your room then consider opting for a saturated dark colour to match. Darker shades like forest green, aubergine, or even navy, can create a dramatic contrast with the natural textures of the oak. As an equally dramatic alternative, consider the current favourite home decorating colours of darker greys.

Bright and bold

If you are looking to go for a bright and bold look to your room then these colours can be a great complement for oak furniture. Deep reds, yellows, lime green or a burnt orange colour naturally bring out the warm hues and shades that occur in natural oak and will create a vibrant warm space. If you want to produce a cosy atmosphere then the use of darker shades will create that environment whilst slightly more saturated colours and shades will present a more energetic, livelier space.   


If your oak furniture is of the paler hue then it will blend beautifully with pastel colours to create a lighter, airier environment which presents a trendy, contemporary look. If you are trying to create a more traditional feel then using deeper oak and rustic finishes will give you something more diverse and that contrast will add a little subtle energy to your room. 

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