What is shabby chic oak furniture?

Shabby chic is now a style that most are familiar with but where did the term originate?

Shabby chic first came into use in the 1980s as an opposing style to the opulence and glitz that was considered mainstream at that time. The term was used to describe both fashion and décor, and was usually represented by lavish pieces of furniture or clothing that had been distressed to make them look ‘shabby’.

Shabby chic style

Whilst the word “shabby” may be part of the title of this style, shabby chic oak furniture is far from its namesake. Adding a homely look to chic furniture, the charm of mixing and matching shabby chic pieces is that they look far more chic and never shabby.

Whilst having its roots in a bohemian movement, shabby chic has become very popular in modern times and can be seen in many homes. From city apartments to country cottages, from new build homes to Victorian terraces, solid oak furniture with a shabby chic feel is an excellent choice to complement an on trend, tasteful, and elegant residence.

What does shabby chic look like

Often a Shabby Chic look combines traditional wood furniture with painted cream or white furniture, and added floral tones in either the soft furnishings or decoration of the room. For example, combining solid oak furniture such as:

  • a dining table with painted cream chairs; or
  • a French style chest of drawers in mango wood, combined with a rustic painted oak blanket box.

The benefits of shabby chic oak furniture

As shabby chic furniture can be mixed and matched, it allows for a great amount of flexibility and adaptability. Furniture can be moved from room to room without looking out of place in its new location.

Shabby chic oak furniture also has all the benefits of solid oak furniture in that it is easy to look after and to maintain. Regular dusting will clean and protect your oak furniture.

Oak furniture is also durable and strong meaning that it is not easily damaged and will last for years, ideal to be passed down to the next generation when they find their first home.

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