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Embracing Sustainability and Style: The Rise of Mango Wood Furniture in Modern Home Decor

Responsible consumerism is a process of refinement.  It is about finding ways to do things more efficiently, minimising the damaging impact of our industries and reducing their waste. All industrial processes create by-products; the current push to find usable materials that would otherwise go to landfill makes just as much sense for the profitability of […]

What is Sheesham Wood and Why is it Taking the UK Furniture Scene by Storm?

Although wooden furniture is pretty much continuously popular, the current mindset of ethical and sustainable use of materials has resulted in increasing numbers of people moving away from synthetics and once again embracing the many benefits of using timber. When trees are grown sustainably and the timber is treated properly, wooden products will last a […]

Why Mango Wood has Become the Choice for Sustainable Producers

  The search for the best materials to work with is a never-ending pursuit and certainly nothing that climate change has created, but it is an area which has shifted in its focus significantly in recent years, largely as a response to the challenges brought about by the crisis.  The holy grail of building and […]