Creating a Scandinavian-inspired Home with Pine Furniture

Scandinavian Dining Room

The History of Scandinavian Style Over the years – in large part thanks to the success of firms like IKEA – Scandinavian interior design has become synonymous with minimalist, functional style.  It has helped shape our image of efficient mass production and has kept pace with our changing views on the use of the world’s […]

8 ways to transform your living room into a stunning space

Stylish Living Room

If your living room is feeling tired and in need of some TLC, it’s easy to revive your look to create a stunning space. A few simple living room ideas can refresh your decor and transform it into the ideal place for relaxing and entertaining. Sometimes, even the simplest changes can have a huge impact […]

How to care for your oak furniture

Family around oak table

Having invested in a beautiful and durable material, you will no doubt be keen to know how to care for your oak furniture properly, particularly the best way to protect its quality finish and aesthetic appeal. You may also be keen to explore options to clean and rejuvenate oak furniture if accidents and incidents do […]

Our top small bedroom decorating ideas

When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, the main thing you’re looking to achieve is the feeling of space. Whilst a bedroom doesn’t need to have high ceilings and large square footage to feel luxurious, and smaller bedrooms can actually achieve a more cosy intimate vibe, the danger smaller bedrooms can fall into is […]

The Pros and Cons of Oak Dining Tables

Oak furniture has been around for centuries and its sheer quality makes it an esteemed choice for many homeowners. Oak dining tables in particular, are extremely popular, creating a real centrepiece. It’s natural ‘living’ look gives a timeless quality and it is one of the finest investments you can make for your home. However, there can […]