Delivery Process

Once we have despatched your furniture to the courier they will contact you directly via the contact number on your order or by your email address to arrange delivery. It is therefore imperative that the email address and contact numbers on your order are correct.

Please understand that the 8-10 working days as suggested on the home page (whilst generally quite accurate) are estimated only and the actual delivery date can be affected by your geographical location or how easy it is to make contact with you to arrange the delivery.

The Delivery Company will try to give you around 2-3 days notice to allocate a delivery date and generally a morning or afternoon slot. Unfortunately you will not be able to choose your delivery date or time window.

The Delivery Company will typically deliver from as early as 07:00 until they finish their deliveries later in the afternoon on a Monday – Friday (Saturday deliveries may be available at an additional charge so please ask prior to purchase if this is required) schedule.

The delivery company should not attempt to deliver without your confirmation that they are ok to do so, so please ensure that you reply to any messages left for you asking you to call or email back to confirm the delivery slot.

In most cases delivery is made via your furniture being secured to a pallet. Although this may sound like more of a commercial service it has regularly proven to be the safest and most reliable way of sending furniture.

Your delivery may be loaded onto a vehicle ranging from a small van to a large lorry therefore if you think there are likely to be problems with access for larger vehicles (narrow roads and tracks, parking problems etc) then it is imperative that you advise of this as soon as possible after making your purchase.

The Delivery Company will deliver to your home but generally speaking it is a doorstep delivery only so please be prepared to bring your delivery into your home.

Smaller Items (coffee tables, table nests, lamp tables, bedside tables etc)

In the case of smaller items it is highly likely that we will send them via a parcel courier since this is more cost effective. If your order is subject to this service we will endeavour to pre notify you and upload tracking information to your order. Again please bear in mind that some of these parcel couriers never quite seem to deliver on the day we intend them to (!) so please keep any eye on the parcel tracking we provide and start to think about leaving a note for the courier asking him or her to leave the parcel somewhere safe in your absence (shed, neighbour, garage etc).


For security reasons collections are not possible, unfortunately this is not something we can change.

Failed Deliveries

Please note that Oak & Pine will have to make an additional delivery charge to any customers that fail to meet the drivers in the designated delivery date and time slot. If the drivers arrive and find no one in they will attempt to call you. If they still cannot contact you they will contact their office to request authorisation to fail the delivery and move on. Due to the volume of deliveries they need to make each day and the distance they have to cover they will not be able to return to your property later in the day so please ensure you or someone else is available at your property to sign for the delivery when they arrive.