What is Sheesham Wood and Why is it Taking the UK Furniture Scene by Storm?

Although wooden furniture is pretty much continuously popular, the current mindset of ethical and sustainable use of materials has resulted in increasing numbers of people moving away from synthetics and once again embracing the many benefits of using timber.

When trees are grown sustainably and the timber is treated properly, wooden products will last a long time and will have a less harmful impact on the environment compared to the industrial processes associated with the production of many other materials. Aesthetically pleasing and stylistically versatile, wood can easily be manipulated into almost any shape whilst retaining its distinctive look.

2024 is expected to continue this trend – and one wood in particular seems to be at the epicentre of this current focus: Sheesham.

Sheesham’s profile is so unique that you may well have seen and noticed a piece before without knowing what it is, but once you know what you’re looking at, it’s hard to mistake. So, what is it exactly that makes this tree so special? Let’s find out…

Sheesham Wood and Jali Furniture: An Overview

Sheesham is another name for the Indian Rosewood, a deciduous tree native to the Indian Subcontinent. Its natural qualities make it an extremely popular material for all sorts of things, from furniture and musical instruments to carvings and ornaments. In parts of Indian society, it is believed to hold spiritual power and is associated with good fortune, peace and wealth.
In fact, as a material, it seems to have just about everything going for it. It’s extremely tough for a start, both in the sense that it is hard and that it boasts an inherent resistance to deterioration and pests like dry wood termites. It neither splits nor warps and is easily workable, making it ideal for carvings and engravings too.

No wonder, then, that it is such a prized wood for furniture – and that’s before we even mention its stunning aesthetic appeal, which, in all honesty, is hard to beat. The tradition of making items from Sheesham wood has been around for a long time and the name given to furniture made from the Indian Rosewood tree is Jali.

Jali furniture is what happens when expert craftsmanship meets a versatile and truly beautiful material; the result is a tradition of making striking, functional and durable pieces that are by their very nature one-of-a-kind.

At Oak and Pine Online, we know a good material when we see one and we recognise when that resource has been treated with care and skill. Our range of Jali furniture has been curated from the greatest craftspeople of this tradition. Take a look; you’ll see what we mean – and psst, whisper it, but at the time of writing, there might be a sale on them too. Just saying…

The Joys of Jali: Material Benefits

Now that we have an idea of the reasons behind Indian Rosewood’s popularity as a material, we can begun to see why Jali furniture is making such a big impression on the world stage, but that only tells half the story. The other half is down to consumer preference – and again, it’s not hard to see why so many are turning to Jali to bring a touch of striking elegance to their homes.

Unique, Naturally

Alongside the modern trend for minimalist, stripped-back designs, the past few years have also seen a dramatic increase in people’s desire for unique and bespoke items. Some materials – like the Indian Rosewood – offer a little bit of both. The intricacies of Sheesham’s grain mean that no two pieces of timber are exactly alike, so even with the most simplistic of designs every piece of Jali furniture is as individual as its owner.

Forgiving Hardwood

The Indian Rosewood is considered a hardwood – only slightly softer than teak – but is easier to work with than many other equivalent timbers. It’s an extremely versatile material and is commonly used for carving and engraving, making it an ideal choice for those who are inclined towards more intricate designs.

Long-lasting and Durable

When properly cared for, Jali furniture will last a long time. Sheesham wood is incredibly resistant to most forms of deterioration and maintains its durability in all climates – a sensible investment, then, wherever you are.

In these eco-conscious and purse-tight times, buying a piece of furniture that lasts reduces the weight on the climate as much as your finances. When the raw materials are as good as Indian Rosewood, the investment is one for your immediate needs as well as the future.


Sheesham wood is very much a premium product. From the look of it to its performance, everything about it is top-of-the-range. Amazingly, however, this doesn’t translate to it being the most expensive furniture out there. Jali furniture is surprisingly competitively priced when compared to other products made from an equally high-quality material – particularly true if the seller happens to have a sale on at the time!


As important as function is, sometimes a material just has to be admired for its looks – and Sheesham wood is one such material. It is a handsome and elegant timber. The patterns in the grain are attractive enough on their own, but combined with the subtle variations in its colouring – from deep, chocolate brown to rusty-leaf orange and a whole spectrum of shades in between – the superficial appeal of Jali furniture is something to behold. Be prepared to answer questions from curious friends and family members.

The Jali Range from Oak and Pine Online: Elegance Exemplified

When you’ve been in any industry for long enough, there comes a point when it takes a lot to surprise you. Once you’ve seen the quality of furniture made from the Indian Rosewood tree, however, it’s hard not to take notice.
Our entire Jali range uses the very best materials available and is crafted by the most knowledgeable hands. With savings currently being applied to every Jali item on our website, a sensible investment for the future could come sooner than you think…

‘Tis the Season for Sheesham!

Industry experts from all over the world have reported an increase in Jali’s popularity recently. When you consider the full picture and realise just how good Sheesham furniture is, it’s easy to see why.