What colours go with oak furniture?

oak furniture colours

Your furniture is, of course, an integral feature of your home and needs to complement the other aspects of your décor and the overall appearance. Many people are opting for oak furniture around their homes, the natural warmth of the material, as well as the classic, beautiful look of the wood, making it a popular choice for households of all kinds.

Knowing how to get your furniture to look its’ best amongst the other household features and colours though, isn’t always that simple.

Here’s a guide to colour palettes and ideas that may best complement your oak furniture:

Pretty much any colour

Oak furniture, with its’ totally natural, “living” look, will blend with just about any shade or colour. The different varieties of oak shades – dark, light, golden, two-tone –  allows you to mix and match with any other colour of your choice, providing you with the opportunity to create any number of different looks around your home and be able to incorporate your favourite colours, whatever they may be.

Your choice of colour to marry with your oak furniture doesn’t just come down to direct colour comparisons – it’s more about matching the right shades and tones to achieve the best look. It will depend on whether you want to highlight, or accent, your oak furniture, or blend it with the décor colouring to get the best effect.


You can’t really go wrong with white, whatever you furniture consists of! White provides a fantastic canvas to display any oak furniture – it creates the feeling of space and is a great backdrop against which any dark, light or honey-coloured oak can stand out prominently, showing off the natural features and colours of the wood to their finest. Dressing oak furniture with white accessories, not only looks fabulous, but helps to keep everything looking new and fresh.   


A very popular household colour currently, grey will work with most kinds of oak, but matches particularly well with lighter, or blonder, oak furniture.


Many shades of blue sit nicely with oak – a great colour in general house décor, then a light or dark blue – even stronger shades like turquoise, will all complement oak furniture in the home.


Oak, being a natural material, looks great with any shade of green – it being so compatible with nature! Olive Green especially goes well with oak furniture and gives the illusion of introducing outdoors inside.

Accent oak furniture

If you want to highlight your oak furniture, making it the prominent feature in the room, then match it with ‘cool’ colours – grey, off-white shades and such. These are the colours most ‘removed’ from the richer shades of oak and will make the furniture pieces stand-out more.

Blending with oak furniture

If your choice is to blend, or integrate, your oak furniture more, into the larger vista of your room appearance, then look to use ‘warmer’ colours. These warm hues will provide a complementary depth of colour, relating to the grain in the oak and marrying the different elements of the room with the furniture.

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