Our top ways to style your oak sideboard

oak sideboard

A lot of people think of sideboards as being great storage solutions in a dining-room or elsewhere around the home. They are, indeed, correct in thinking so – but an oak sideboard can be far more than convenient storage!

They are beautiful pieces of furniture in their own right, but can be dressed and accessorised to create a myriad of styles and looks to enhance any living space.

Here are a few ideas as to how to best dress your chunky oak sideboard:

Houseplants go well on any sideboard

Always a way to enhance any furniture feature, houseplants go especially well with an oak sideboard. The natural beauty of a plant sits more than comfortably with the natural beauty of the wood and promotes a feeling of calm and peace. Trailing climbers and leafy pot plants will look great against the natural wood grain.

Use wall space to display art

Depending on where you’ve placed your stylish oak sideboard, there is often a good expanse of wall space above it. This is ideal to fill with some well-chosen artwork – ensure that the piece you choose to display strikes the right balance in regard to size and content. You want to draw the eye to the two main elements of the display – the oak sideboard and the art itself, so use other accessories on the sideboard sparingly.

Sideboards can make great bars!

Not always to everybody’s taste, but a chunky oak sideboard makes for a great bar – whether it be as permanent feature, or a “pop-up” bar when you’re entertaining. Items like cut-glass decanters, crystal glasses and old ‘alchemy’ style bottles can give an elegant and exclusive look to a traditionally-styled oak sideboard – perfect for mixing and serving cocktails and nightcaps!

Sometimes simplicity is key

Often, less is more! You may not always want your sideboard to be the main feature of your room layout, but more integral as part of a larger scenario. The simple grace and beauty of a traditional oak sideboard is often more than enough to set-off an elegant dining room. Simply displayed, it can sit amongst other features that carry more ’flamboyant’ dressing.

The colour can coordinate your colour palette

Again, depending on the oak sideboard you have, it can be used a centre-piece to marry together other colours and hues being employed in the room. Some of our painted sideboards are great vehicles for coordinating accompanying furniture and colour palettes displayed on the surrounding decor.

Fill awkward spaces in older properties

Sometimes you can be left with an ‘awkward’ space to fill in your home – especially if you live in an older, more traditional property. If you have a spurious ‘nook or cranny’ that you want to utilise, then some of the smaller oak sideboards can often be a great solution.

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