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In every home there will come a stage when storage – or rather lack of it – becomes an issue! Solutions usually range from a ‘decluttering’ project to acquiring new storage units – often, a combination of the two may be the answer.

When de-cluttering, you will inevitably come across items that you don’t necessarily use regularly or need, but don’t want to throw away. Getting new storage for these items doesn’t have to be a ‘necessary evil’ – oak storage units can add a touch of class and style to your home, as well as providing the practical, extra storage facility you need.

Here are some examples:

Media Storage

Despite the current trend for people to simply download or stream their music and film, there are still lots of people with prized collections of CD’s, DVD’s and even old vinyl LP’s (actually, currently enjoying a resurgence!). Often you see a room with half-a-dozen or more CD or DVD racks – it’s amazing how you can accumulate them over the years – and these are items that, even if rarely used now, collectors are loathe to part with!

Storage is often an issue with these items.  Buying an oak display cabinet, or bookcase, offers a stylish and practical solution to, not only, house and protect them, but to also proudly display the collection.

Display Storage

Not all storage has to be entirely about practical use of space, or putting things away neatly and out of sight. Often people have items they want to display around the house – we’ve mentioned CD collections and such, but also people want somewhere to display photographs, perhaps trophies and awards, or simply ornaments and various personal items. Oak display cabinets are ideal for these items – they can sit safely on display, free from dust and potential damage behind glazed panels for all to admire.


Many of us still make use of dedicated dining rooms and, in these, you will often find sideboards, used for storing crockery, cutlery and such. Oak furniture can, though, look equally stylish in modern kitchen/diners – sideboards come in all shapes and sizes and often around waist height, making them ideal for setting table and serving at meal times.

Blanket Box

By definition, you’d expect to find this item of oak furniture in a bedroom!

They can, however, be utilised anywhere in the house – oak blanket boxes are both practical and lovely pieces of furniture in their own right. Their primary use of storing sheets, blankets, duvets and pillows will always add a touch of style and quality in a bedroom, but, as general storage, people often use them in other rooms in the house to store anything from clothing and shoes, to toys and sports equipment.  These boxes and chests look great whether deployed in a bedroom or a hallway.

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