Our top small bedroom decorating ideas

When it comes to decorating a small bedroom, the main thing you’re looking to achieve is the feeling of space. Whilst a bedroom doesn’t need to have high ceilings and large square footage to feel luxurious, and smaller bedrooms can actually achieve a more cosy intimate vibe, the danger smaller bedrooms can fall into is the feeling of being cramped.

However, there are a number of clever hacks worth considering to make a small bedroom feel much bigger than it is.

Here at Oak & Pine Online, we have pulled together our top decorating ideas to consider for small bedrooms:

Choose the right furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your room is extremely important. Furniture with clean lines, sleek profiles, high legs, or see-through features can really help create the illusion of more space. They allow more light to flow through and, in doing so, open up the room.

Our French inspired Bourdeilles collection is the perfect high leg choice, whilst the clean lines of our Dorset chunky oak beds are great with their slatted headboards and footends. A sideboard can also be a great way to add functionality to a small space.

Rearrange your furniture

You may need to defy convention with a smaller room and put furniture in places you wouldn’t usually consider to get the most out of your space. You may even need to consider pushing the bed up into a corner – in doing so, you will have more space to walk around and it might even allow you to get a small wardrobe in the space where it might not have been possible before.

Be clever with storage

Be sure to choose bedside cabinets with drawers to maximise storage. Or even consider using a larger chest of drawers for bedside cabinets, doubling up the use of the furniture. The real-estate under a bed is considerably substantial so be sure to utilise this with underbed storage.

Wall mounted shelves and storage are also a great choice to provide more floor space and make use of otherwise redundant wall space. And if you’re considering a TV in your room, make sure it’s wall mounted too!

 Add colour

Just because the room is small, doesn’t mean you have to be afraid of colour. It’s true that white and lighter colours help to create the feeling of space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bold contrast into the mix as well, whether that’s through a feature wall or through soft furnishings. A splash of colour can really help to pull the whole room together without losing the feeling of space.

To decide what colours work best with your oak bedroom furniture, consider looking at our how to match colours with Oak furniture blog.

Use mirrors

Mirrors reflect light, further helping to make the room feel brighter and appear bigger. You can either add multiple mirrors, or a large mirror to one wall; add one to the back of your bedroom door; or, if space allows, attach one to your wardrobe door. Your room will instantly double in size.

Dress your windows carefully

This can be a difficult one to get right in a smaller bedroom setting. Blinds are a good choice as they fit the space of the window without neatly without the bulkiness of curtains, avoiding the feeling of clutter. However, if you prefer to have curtains, consider full length to help make the room look taller.

De-clutter & minimise soft furnishings

The bedroom can be the number one room for clutter, but especially in a small bedroom it is important to remain clutter-free. Your bedroom should be a relaxing space. De-cluttering will not only help it feel more spacious, it will also help you to unwind and appreciate your space. Whilst soft furnishings are important to create that sense of style, you need to be careful about the amount of soft furnishing required and consider a few key items to create a luxurious space.

For more tips on how style your bedroom, check out our top ways to freshen up your oak bedroom.

So, if you’ve found our small bedroom decorating ideas useful, and are now feeling inspired to tackle your own bedroom, be sure to check out our full range of oak bedroom furniture and see if you can make the most of your space with some of our high quality oak pieces.

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