How to pick the right oak tv unit

Most of us love to settle down some evenings for a night in front of the TV watching a movie or our latest compulsive box set! To make the most of our TV viewing experience you need the right TV of course – but also consider the unit or cabinet that houses and displays your screen.

Choosing the right TV unit is not always straightforward – the stand needs to match, not just the TV, but the rest of the furniture and look of the room. Oak living room furniture always looks great and stylish – the different grain patterns, knots and colours create a warm and cosy environment and an oak TV stand will add to that character!

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right TV unit for your room:

Consider the room size – don’t choose something too big

In many lounges or living rooms the TV is the most central point of the room – but it doesn’t necessarily have to dominate or be the focal point!

Before you choose a TV cabinet it is always wise to measure the room in order to correctly identify what size TV and unit is going to be appropriate. For a TV to safely sit on a unit the cabinet should be around twenty-per-cent longer than the actual TV – and you should also consider the weight capacity of your TV stand. The current large, flat TV’s look great on the natural-looking oak base providing your room with a shabby chic TV unit that marries modern with traditional.

Viewing height – you want to create the ideal viewing comfort

An important factor in choosing an oak TV stand is the viewing height – you want to create the ideal viewing comfort, so in order to select a TV stand that will display your TV at the best eye-level, measure your seating and ensure that the central region of your TV screen wouldn’t be too far above your sight line on your chosen cabinet.

The best shape – think about the size of your room

Another important consideration when selecting a TV stand is the shape of the room – if the relevant room is largely proportioned, then it is likely that any shape or size TV unit will look good – however, if your room is narrow or unusually shaped then it may be worth considering a corner cabinet in order to make the most of the floor space in the room.

Appropriate style – choose a TV unit to compliment your room

Consider the overall style and look of your room – you will want an oak TV stand that complements that look and the other furniture in the room. In some cases, a darker oak may be appropriate to better blend with – or indeed, contrast to – the other items on display in the room.

Storage – you’ll likely need to display more than just the TV

It is always worth considering the storage aspect when choosing a TV cabinet – in most cases nowadays, it is not just the TV that the unit will be displaying. Most of us have other consoles and equipment attached to and accessing our TV – computers, games consoles, set top boxes and such.

In order to best showcase your TV, consider these other items and how best to store them – measure them so you can ensure that any storage drawers.

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