The Pros and Cons of Oak Dining Tables

Oak furniture has been around for centuries and its sheer quality makes it an esteemed choice for many homeowners. Oak dining tables in particular, are extremely popular, creating a real centrepiece. It’s natural ‘living’ look gives a timeless quality and it is one of the finest investments you can make for your home. However, there can be some negatives to choosing Oak.

Here is our list of pros and cons to consider when choosing to buy an Oak dining table:

Pros of oak dining tables

Durable and long lasting

Oak is a dense, hardwood. It is firm, durable and will sustain a lot of pressure (heat and moisture with the right finish). Its strength makes it suitable for oak dining room furniture as its sturdiness will benefit from daily use. If you’re looking to futureproof your home with a table built to last, Oak is that choice!

Timeless design

Oak has been used to make furniture for hundreds of years. It’s natural warmth and character makes it dignified and respectable, yet homely and inviting. Its timeless appearance lends itself to classic and contemporary styles and can easily be incorporated with more modern furniture without looking odd or out of place. There is also a lot of choice, from country rustic to shabby chic, so you can choose the style that fits your home best.

Low Maintenance

Oak furniture is easy to care for as it doesn’t require specialist cleaning products to keep it looking good. Heat and moisture can be withstood with the right finish, and the odd knock or scratch simply adds character. You may need to retreat every now and again, but on a day-to-day basis, a simple dust will keep your real wood looking as good as new.

Cons of oak dining tables

Bulky and Heavy

Whilst firm and durable, the solidity of Oak dining tables means they can be bulky and very heavy. If you’re the type of person to rearrange your furniture regularly, you may have some difficultly and therefore limit your dining options.

Old Fashioned

Some would argue that oak is a bit old-fashioned. This is dependent on the look and style you are aiming for, but many would argue if you’re wanting to create an ultra-modern look, you may want to look at alternative options.


Solid and durable tends to come with a hefty price tag, and the high cost of oak can be off-putting when purchasing. It is sometimes possible to find cheaper options if you look in the sale or keep an eye out for discounts. But it is worth noting with Oak, you get what you pay for.

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