Our top ways to freshen up your oak bedroom

Do you feel your bedroom needs sprucing up? Do you love your oak bedroom furniture but feel the rest of the room is still lacking something? Are you tired of looking at the same four walls and wondering how you can create a new sanctuary? It may seem like a mammoth task, but with a few simple changes, you can easily transform your space.

Here are our top ways to freshen up your oak bedroom:

A simple colour change can transform a room

Everyone knows a simple colour change can completely transform a tired looking room. From clean whites and neutrals to a splash of colour, you can enhance your oak bedroom in a few strokes.

Some can be hesitant to add colour when wood is involved, but it can really boost your oak bedroom furniture. The natural ‘living’ look of Oak has a timeless quality and will blend with most shades or colours.

For tips and inspiration, check out our full guide on how to match colours with Oak furniture.

Re-style your space to bring a cleaner look

With your oak bedroom furniture as your base, you may want to go that step further and create an entirely new space. Consider changing the carpet, or even removing it altogether to expose the wooden floors.

Remove tired curtains replace with shutters or blinds for a cleaner look. Or simply purchase some new bedding to achieve a different look.

Natural fabrics can make a huge difference

There is no denying the effect of textures alongside natural oak furniture. By simply adding natural fabrics, you can make a huge difference to your bedroom. Creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere has become increasingly important in the modern world; blankets, rugs and pillows all help to generate a sense of calm, contentment and well-being.

Plants complement furniture and improve air quality

Further adding to the natural textures and feeling of tranquillity, house plants have become more and more popular. Not only do they complement the natural ‘living’ look of oak furniture, they improve air quality and therefore provide additional health benefits.

Be sure to chose a plant that is easy to maintain, such as ferns, rubber plants, or peace lilies, to keep your room looking and feeling fresh.

Decorate items add a nice finishing touch

Decorative accessories may seem surplus to requirement, but they can have a real impact on a room, especially an oak bedroom. They give the room character, so it is important to style accordingly. Perhaps add some interesting photo-frames, a large mirror or some impactful wall-art above your oak bed.

Consider the aesthetics on your oak surfaces, but remember, you don’t want to overdo it; a few key items can make just the right amount of difference without becoming overpowered.

It is just an important to de-clutter

The bedroom can be the number one room for clutter, whether it’s piles of washing, books or general life stuff you tend to chuck things in this room so they’re out of sight from the main living areas. But like the rest of the house, it is just as important to remain clutter-free. Y

our bedroom should be a relaxing space, and de-cluttering will help you to unwind and appreciate your space.

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