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The Art of Tying it All Together – the Fundamentals of Interior Design Which Make or Break a Space

interior design swatches

Making your space just right – the art of interior design   Some of the words used to describe the principles of interior design – rhythm, harmony and repetition, for example – are ones more commonly associated with another mode of expressive creativity: music. This is no mistake. A succession of connected stimuli designed to […]

Interior Design Tips for Making your Rental Property Feel like Home – Without Upsetting the Landlord.

Cosy well decorated flat.

When we don’t own the spaces we live in, the tendency is to think that there’s no point in spending time and money on making them feel like home.  This can be particularly true when you’re on a short-term lease or have plans to relocate in the near future.   Regardless of how long we […]

Interior Design in Focus – Modern Ideas for Country Homes

As with many design trends, the modern country concept is one of contrasts: old and new; rustic and industrial; neutral and vibrant. One thing is consistent though: a celebration of, rather than a distancing from, the natural world.   History has a way of going in cycles. This is as visible in the industries governed […]

8 ways to transform your living room into a stunning space

Stylish Living Room

If your living room is feeling tired and in need of some TLC, it’s easy to revive your look to create a stunning space. A few simple living room ideas can refresh your decor and transform it into the ideal place for relaxing and entertaining. Sometimes, even the simplest changes can have a huge impact […]