8 ways to transform your living room into a stunning space

Stylish Living Room

If your living room is feeling tired and in need of some TLC, it’s easy to revive your look to create a stunning space. A few simple living room ideas can refresh your decor and transform it into the ideal place for relaxing and entertaining.

Sometimes, even the simplest changes can have a huge impact on the appearance of the living room. This could be the case if your room has filled with accumulated stuff, leaving a once relaxed space feeling cluttered and cramped. Read on for eight easy living room ideas to transform your space…

1. Rearrange the furniture


One of the easiest ways to revitalise your living room is to declutter and rearrange the furniture. If you have any items of furniture that are looking worse for wear, such as the coffee table or TV unit, buy new ones for an instant facelift.

Try a more social layout, such as moving the sofa to sit directly across from an armchair, with the coffee table in the centre. If the room is used as a home office, try putting your desk and chair on one side of the room with a bookcase to prevent the work essence from imposing on the “living” part of the room.


2. Introduce a hint of nature


Adding some house plants that are easy to care for can transform any room. A hint of greenery in the living room can help us feel relaxed and enjoy our downtime. While the lush green of plants can perk up the colour scheme, they also make us feel relaxed as we sit surrounded by nature.

Research has shown indoor plants reduce stress levels and improve your mood, so adding some strategically placed pot plants to the living room is a simple way of creating a stunning space.


3. Create more floor space


If your living room is feeling cramped and you want to free up some floor space, try swapping the large coffee table for a smaller one. If you prefer, choose small side tables, or a nest of tables that can be stored neatly away when not in use.

Having lightweight, smaller tables that can be moved around enables you to change the look of the room whenever you feel like it.


4. Displays on shelves


If you have shelves, try displaying different items so the room continually looks fresh. For a modern, contemporary look, have a selection of framed artwork on the shelves. They can easily be replaced with new pictures when you fancy a change. Wooden living room accessories can also add a lovely, warm and classical feeling to your home.

Vintage adverts or old exhibition posters in weathered frames can look particularly chic. Alternatively, have framed photos of family members, other loved ones and pets on the shelves for a homely feel.


5. Replace the floor covering


Buying a new carpet to replace an old, worn one is a quick fix to make the whole room look revitalised. If you’re tired of vacuuming every day, why not replace the carpet altogether with a solid wood floor?

Timber and tile-effect laminates are excellent for giving a sophisticated look to your living room. They are easy to install and keep clean and will complement any wooden furniture too, producing a fresh, clean feel.


6. Light up the living room


Great lighting is key to any successful decorating project. The appropriate lighting can totally transform your living room. Try replacing a shaded light fixture with a new, lighter shade, or try a multi-lamp, unshaded fitting to freshen up the room.

Installing a dimmer switch creates a calmer ambience in the evening. Use lighting at different levels, such as a ceiling light, wall lights and a lamp on a table, to create an interesting layered effect.


7. Introduce an accent colour


Brighten up your colour scheme by having a dominant, bright accent colour to add through accessories and soft furnishings. For example, if you have a neutral colour scheme, such as white or cream, for your living room, add a splash of golden yellow here and there to brighten it up.

This can be in the form of cushions, throws, ornaments, pictures on the wall and even artificial flowers in a vase on the sideboard. The burst of colour will give the whole decor a bright new direction. A neutral colour scheme is timeless, so this idea can be repeated whenever you fancy a change at relatively little cost.


8. Feature fireplace


If your living room has a fireplace, why not turn it into a feature fireplace to add extra interest? Rather than having a fireplace that simply blends in with its surroundings, add a different-coloured fire surround, textured wall cladding and display shelf to inject some bold styling.

The highlighted shelf could contain on-trend items, such as a centrepiece of a circular round mirror, complemented by artwork and other trinkets.


Benefits of a stunning living space


When you transform your living room into a stunning space you can enjoy, it’s far more significant than simply brightening up your surroundings.

Sitting in a room that feels cluttered isn’t good for our emotional wellbeing. If you don’t feel happy in a room where you spend your leisure time, it can lead to stress.

According to health professionals, spending time in pleasant surroundings, in as much natural light as possible, can help ward off depression. Once you’ve refurbished your living room, let the sunshine in as much as you can.

On a practical level, having a living room that doesn’t feel comfortable and welcoming can become isolating. It can even prevent you from socialising, as welcoming guests into your home won’t be something you can do if you’re unhappy about your surroundings.

If you’re working from your living room as a home office, messy surroundings can also lead to a lack of productivity, as no one feels energised looking around at clutter.

It’s crucial to design a living room that looks beautiful, feels comfortable and offers smart storage solutions that mean keeping it tidy is easy, rather than a chore.

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