Our top tips for styling your bookshelf

Whether your bookcase is for a living room, dining room, kitchen, or study, you’ll have an idea in mind as to how you want it to look.

There are many different ways to style your bookshelves to show off a little bit of your personality whilst also storing your possessions.

For those who love colour

If you love making a bold and bright statement then why not try arranging your books by colour. Each shelf could be a primary colour or you could arrange your books through the colours of the rainbow to make an eye catching display for visitors to your home.

Try It – We recommend choosing a tall oak bookcase, sorting your books by colour and then arranging across the shelves for a presentation not to be missed!

For the family

If you are looking for a bookshelf that displays the personality of your family then you may want to store more than just your books on your cabinet. Choose a bookcase that will be ideal to store all the treasured ornaments and family photographs.

Try It – Buy an oak bookcase large enough for the whole family’s possessions. Mix and match your shelves – on one shelf photographs – another books – another a prized ornament. If you have little ones in the house you may want to put those items most valuable to you on the upper shelves.

For the book lover

Who’s your favourite writer? If you answer to this is ‘in what genre?’ or ‘I can only choose one?’ there’s a good chance you are a hardened bibliophile! There are two things that are most important to a book lover: that their books are stored securely and that they can find the book they are looking for with ease.

Try It – Display your favourite hardbacks (if you can choose them!) on a shelf cover out. Arrange all the books on the other shelves and organise them by author or genre. If you’re a true bibliophile you may need more than one bookcase to display them all.

For the practical person

If you are a practically minded person the first thing that will occur to you is the position in which the bookshelf is to fit. You may want to consider buying a narrower width or shorter bookcase to fit it in exactly the space you wish.

Try It – Purchase a slim oak bookcase and organise your books in a way which benefits your everyday use of them. For example, if you are into cooking in a big way you may wish to organise your cookbooks by cuisine type for easy access whether you are home baking or trying out that new recipe from James Martin.

Bring Your Own Personality

The most important thing to styling your bookshelf is to being your own character to your display. They say that what someone reads is a good way to tell what sort of person they are. From a tall oak bookcase for your lounge, to a slim oak bookcase for study, your personality will be the best guide as to how you show off your style.

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