What colours go with dark coloured oak furniture?

Do you have dark coloured oak furniture? Or are you considering getting some? Do you often wonder what colours work best with the darker tones? Fear not! We, at Oak&Pine can help! There are many ways to complement dark oak furniture by simply choosing the right wall or accent colour for your space. You can instantly and effortlessly transform the overall feel of a room without having to sacrifice your dark coloured oak furniture, whether you are furnishing a conservatory or a bedroom. Take a look at our suggestions below:

White is Right

Believe it or not, white can really add warmth to a room with dark oak furniture. It keeps the overall room looking bright and fresh and really sets off the darker oak furniture.

Cream Dream

As with white, cream can lift a room. It also gives an added sense of sophistication to the overall feel of the furniture and space with a clean and crisp finish, allowing the furniture to stand proud.

Grey is a-OK

If you’re looking to keep the overall tones neutral but want to move away from potentially stark whites and conventional creams, grey makes for a fitting alternative. It can offer just the right amount of contrast to dark coloured oak enhancing the natural hues of the wood.

Hello Yellow

You might be hesitant to consider yellow, but it can really make a good background shade to set off dark coloured oak furniture pieces. With the right tone, it can create a soft and soothing environment and help to enhance the wood colour.

Go for Orange

If you’re looking for a way to really brighten up and energise a room, orange is the perfect choice! It is a very versatile colour that complements dark furniture extremely well and depending on the hue can transform a space into a Retro haven or a Moroccan retreat.

Mad for Maroon

Perfect for a feature wall and accent pieces, maroon can really help to add depth to dark coloured oak furniture. If using all over, consider the natural light in the room to ensure it doesn’t feel too overpowering and is well-balanced.


Using your furniture as the baseline, why not experiment with a few different colour options. Consider using one bold colour with two neutrals. The depth of the bolder colour will energise the room, whilst the two neutral colours can help to anchor the space and enhance the furniture.

If you have dark coloured oak furniture or are in the market to buy dark oak furniture, but are unsure what colours go best with the style, we hope our comprehensive list of colours to complement or contrast has helped to give you some inspiration. Don’t forget to check out our full range of Oak furniture from living, to bedrooms, to dining, and see if you can make the most of your space with some of our high-quality oak pieces. As suppliers of high-quality oak furniture at competitive prices, we are confident we have something to suit your needs. If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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