Why do people choose oak furniture

People have been choosing to buy oak furniture for their homes for decades – people who have it adorning their houses now can probably remember their grandparents having similar – or maybe even the same – furniture in their homes many, many years ago. It can be difficult to find furniture that suits all tastes, styles, décor and generations – but somehow, oak furniture seems to achieve that!

So, what is it exactly that makes so many people, over such a long period of time, repeatedly visit their oak furniture supplier rather than any other?

Here are some possible reasons:


Obvious answer really – oak furniture looks beautiful! It has a natural quality and a ‘warmth’ that comes from the wood, giving it great appeal and a high-end, sophisticated and expensive appearance wherever it is deployed around a home.


That warmth and richness offers a neutrality that promotes both a timeless, yet contemporary feel, allowing it to be matched with virtually any colouring and decor style.


Again, the very nature of chunky oak furniture exudes a robust quality and a hardwearing outlook. It has a tight-knit grain that suggests durability and strength, and this strong and tough characteristic makes the furniture, not only look beautiful, but provides the practicality that is required in a busy, family home with high-spirited young children, pets and high traffic areas. These qualities make oak furniture ideal for dining rooms, living rooms or bedrooms.


Looking after the house can be a tiring and time consuming exercise, especially for those households with all the adults working and raising a family too! Oak furniture is easily maintained and can be cleaned and cared for with minimal effort, whilst retaining that high-end appearance for years and years. A simple regular dust, and a wax or polish every now and again, keeps oak looking pristine and as new and constantly brightens your interior.

Overall, one of the main reasons that so many people buy oak furniture for their homes is the timeless nature and appearance – no matter how interior design and décor changes with different trends, chunky oak furniture fits perfectly with whatever else is ‘of the day’ – whether it is minimal contemporary accompaniments, or a deeper, richer, more opulent and historic look. It can be the centrepiece of your home as you change the surrounding décor as many times as you like throughout your lifetime – it has a visual longevity that is always fashionable!

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